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Kerase Rough Skin Remover

ELOKAY|Kerase Rough Skin Remover

Kerase is a refined blends of escharotic essential oils formulated to softens corns and calluses and is used as a gentle rough skin remover at home or the salon

Packaging: 6 X 100 ml bottle

FOB Price: $20.00 per pack of 6 bottles

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Elokay Foot Files

ELOKAY|Elokay Foot Files

Elokay Foot File is a gentle microdermabrasive corn and callus foot buffer that smooths away hard keratinized rough skin without penetrating the dermis

Elokay Peel

Elokay Peel is a chemexfoliation acne scar, wrinkles, dark knuckles, dark knees and dark elbows skin exfoliant formulated for dark skin people and is used by plastic surgeons and licensed estheticians in health spas