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Kerase Rough Skin Remover

ELOKAY|Kerase Rough Skin Remover

Kerase is a refined blends of escharotic essential oils formulated to softens corns and calluses and is used as a gentle rough skin remover at home or the salon

Packaging: 6 X 100 ml bottle

FOB Price: $20.00 per pack of 6 bottles

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Nail Care Product

Develop 20 is a classy foot and nail care product suitable for
manicure nail care and fungal nails  treatment. The differences between Kerase Rough Skin Remover and Develop 20 Nail care product is that while Develop 20 can be used for nail care, Kerase Rough Skin Remover can be used for foot care only. Develop 20 can be applied as a paste on the nails and cuticles and immerse in  a manicure pot and allowed for 5-minutes to softened cuticles for easy trimmings.

Develop 20 nail care product can also be used to dissolve and removed  dyes, tannins and yellowing coloration from natural nails. Develop 20 is an efficient natural nails cleaner which is
pasted over natural nails and immersed in a manicure pot or tray 
over warm water whereby the nails are withdrawn after 5-minutes and washed free of Develop 20 paste and then the metal side-edge of cuticle trimmer is gently scrub over natural nails surfaces to remove tannins, dyes and yellowing coloration from natural nails. This cleanses and adds shines to natural nails which has been plagued by tannins, dyes and yellowings colorations. Develop 20 hardens natural nails and prevents natural nails from chipping, cracking or tannings

Here is the amino acid sequence information of the human finger and toe nails

Tables 1 Amino Acid concentrations in Human Fingernail and Toenails

1.      Alanine                         33.9
2.      Valine                          44.7
3.      Glycine                         36.5
4.      Isoleucine                      31.6
5.      Threonine                       51.4
6.      Leucine                         74.2
7.      Serine                          69.2
8.      Proline                                 47.2
9.      Aspartic acid                   65.4
10.     Methionine                      7.6
11.     Glutamic acid                   137.6
12.     Phenylalanine                   26.3
13.     Tyrosine                        34.9
14.     Lysine                          33.5
15.     Histidine                       10.7
16.     Cystine                         84.0
17.     Argine                          82.6

To prevent or treat fungal nails infection or to stop natural nails from tannings, yellowing or developing colorations,
we paste Develop 20 Nail Treatment over natural nails for at least
five minutes and the paste of Develop 20 is immersed in warm water. 

Develop 20 Nail Treatment reduces the disulfide bridges of cysteine and converts it to a minute sulfhydryl enzyme which is then removed as an enzyme-substrate-complex. Nails tans or yellows when it is exposed to reducing agents like formaldehyde or sodium amalgam in various products like soap, hair relaxers, shampoos and other reducing agents in skin cream and lotion. This is because the only mineral found in natural nail is sulfur. It is the sulfur of cystine that is reduced by reducing agents  that is thrown out as mineral sulfur over natural nails. So nails yellowing, tannings, and discoloration is not caused by the sun and SPF application to natural nails is not needed. Reducing agent in various products reacts with natural nails amino acid sulfur and this sulfur of amino acid found in natural nails dyes
natural nails  surfaces to form what we know as nails yellowing, tannins or acquired nails dyes. 

So we concluded that nail tannings and yellowings is caused by the reduced sulfur of amino acids found in natural nails. Based on these findings, we can agreed that gelatin and calcium have no place in natural nails care or fungal nails treatment as claimed by a variety of American nail product called Developed 10.

Develop 20 can also be concluded  to be a great natural nails treatment which also softens cuticle for easy trimmings. Develop 20  is a reliable nail care product. Develop 20 also hardens natural nails and prevents natural nails from tanning, yellowing, cracking or chipping


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Packaging: 6 X 100 mL bottle

FOB Price: $168.00 per carton of 24 bottles.